Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you accept Government Financial Aid?

   A.  We currently are a private non-accredited school, therefore we can not accept financial aid, however we do have other financial assistance options

Q. Can I earn hours if I study at home?

   A. students must be clocked in on school premise to earn hours

Q. Can I earn extra hours if I work in a salon or barbershop?

   A. unfortunately, students can not earn hours by working in a salon or  barbershop. Students must be clocked in on school property.

Q. Can I Get paid for services when I advance to the floor. 

   A. Per Connecticut State law, an unlicensed technician may not get paid for  providing clinical services

Q. If I skip lunch, can I earn time for that?

   A. lunches are already counted as credit time whether the student takes a  break or not.

Q. When are students eligible to take the state board? 

   A. Once a student has completed at least 90% of their hours and all chapters  have been reviewed and tested the student will be informed during an eight  week evaluation if they are eligible. Only the directors office can deem a  student eligible for State Boards