Admissiom Requirements

Bravado Academy admits as regular students those that have met the following requirements for enrollment: 

Complete an Applicant Profile form: Complete and submit the application form to the school prior to registration. Forms may be obtained by requesting them from Bravado Academy. 

Submit a registration Fee ($100.00). Non Refundable. No action will be taken on admission until the fee is received. Fee must be submitted in the form of cash, check or money order, payable to Bravado Academy. The fee is not included in the cost of tuition and is non- refundable. 

Personal Interview: Applicant must complete a personal interview with the admissions team prior to registration. The applicant shall receive and review the school catalog, and be given a tour of the facility. 

Proof of Identification: Photo ID and any two of the following;

  1. Copy of Social Security Card
  2. If you have HSD from a foreign country, you have to submit notarized translation and copy of the original of your HSD
  3. If you changed your maiden name, you have to submit copy of Marriage Certificate
  4. Proof of address 
  5. Birth Certificate 
  6. Passport 
  7. Green Card (both sides)

Required Prior Education

High School Diploma (HSD) or General Equivalency Diploma (GED) or proof of completing the ninth grade.

Reentry Students will be accepted provided: 

  1. Outstanding tuition, fees and overtime expenses are paid in advance or the student has made satisfactory arrangements with the school director. 
  2. Previous tuition payments will be credited to the student’s balance 
  3. Reentering students will be contracted according to the current tuition costs and will be required to pay any additional fees if applicable. 
  4. Pay the $100.00 non-refundable registration fee

Transfer Students will be accepted provided: 

  1. The above admissions requirements are completed 
  2. An official transcript of hours earned from the previous school is received and does not exceed 5 years prior to the date of application for admission to Bravado Academy. 
  3. Transfer hours for the Nail technology, Esthetics or Makeup Artistry programs are not accepted. 
  4. A transfer student must attend a minimum of 250 hours at Bravado Academy 
  5. Student was not terminated from the previous school due to drug/ alcohol and/or unprofessional conduct